Tenant vs. Occupant eviction  


In conformity of my lease agreement i added an occupant. My lease expires May 30. A 30 day notice was given to occupant. I will remain month to month until i secure another property. I opted to end my agreement with occupant due to his lack of respect.( lack of personal hygeine bedbugs rotten food in room no assistance whatsoever in maintaining property not even taking trash out when trash day rolls around. Has never assisted in reasonable care of property. Eats my groceries completely. He is 300 pounds. Uses my toiletries linens and frequently enters my locked bedroom while im gone and takes things. He paid 100 weekly up to may 30 but never took responsibilitu of utilities repairs or common area cleaning. Now i run the expense of getting bedbugs out of the entire house he has spread as he sleeps in extra bedrooms or mine and on couches because he cant handle his bedbugs and the smell of his own room. I have had to clean theroom myself. He sleeps all day and night slothing in his room the goes to school part time to be a school teacher. Funny how he will one day be responsible for teaching our children how to be responsible. Lol
Gawd please help me get him out. Now he claims he is ill. He has bled me for months. I cant find obvious definition of an occupant in Nevada.


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