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Just bought a house in WV 2 wks ago. Two ide in it. One is moving as we type. Gave her a notice for increasing rent for May. She signed and i signed. Had to go unstop a bathtub the day before rent was due. The apt. was nasty trash inside and out side of apt. in bags mostly. Children wrote on walls and bathroom sink with markers and crayons. The bathtub had hair and cigarette butts in it. The carpet looked like someone worked on their car on it. Gave her a notice on April 1 at 8.15pm to vacate the premises in 30 days. Will that be enough to get her out and will i have to go magistrate? She still hasnt pd rent. The city is holding me responsible for a trash bill she hasnt pd since she moved in 6 months ago because i own the property.Just found out that she didnt pay the previous owner the month before. She was evicted out of the city housing authority too. What are my rights? help me pllzzzzzzzzz


If this tenant was evicted from the city housing authority previously, she's not going to move at the end of the 30 day notice. Don't waste time waiting for her to move!

If there is unpaid rent, send her a delinquent notice. More than likely she will not pay the rent by the time the delinquent notice expires. Once it does expire, you will need to file for an eviction to get this person out.


Wow! First, keep her deposit.
2) Pay the trash bill out of pocket to settle that. THEN, use that as ammo to push her out.
3)Document everything! Not paying rent, trash bills, prop damage, etc

Have you served her with a pay or quit yet? Do that to cover your butt. Worst case scenario-- give her one more date in the near future to be out by, and have the police remover her from the property. She's a trespasser.

Oh ya, and call child services.


You can't call police to remove her as a trespasser if she doesn't leave. You will have to serve her all the required notices (you already gave her a termination notice). Once it expires, file for eviction. This woman is not going to leave. If she doesn't leave after the eviction hearing and possession is granted to you, go back to the court and ask them to set her out.

And I agree, call children's services, No child should have to live amidst trash.


Send another notice to vacate the premises and if the tenant will not not vacate the property then you have the right to file eviction in court.


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