Can you evict after the lease expires?  


the tenant's time has run out and i want to get a different one.


This doesn't sound like you need to evict. First (unless this has already been done), ask them to leave within 30 days. If they ignore your request, then look up the eviction laws regarding your state and provide them with a notice to quit (as required by your state law).

Here's a list of state eviction laws and the time frames to use in your notice:

State Eviction Laws for Incurable Violations


Has the tenant left? What you have done? Have you given him a notice period? My brother who is a landlord faced the same issue. He gave his tenant 1 month notice period after the lease expired, but he didn't leave. He has to then take the help of a lawyer named Bechara Tarabay to know the procedure and rules of a state law to evict him out.


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