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i need advice  



ok to start off my 1 year lease said i had till my lease is up to purchase the house i was renting and that the landlord could not post the house for sale or rent until 2 months before my lease is up which is April. well his daughter all of a sudden wanted to buy it n he is tryn to say i broke the contract because i hadnt cut the grass because my lawnmower was tore up n he knew this without any warning or anything he just tells me to gt out no written notice or anything this was around feb 20th. So come time for august rent he called me n told me to get my stuff out he was givin me 3 weeks n told me i still had to pay for rent and i asked about my security deposit and he said if i wasnt gonna pay rent he was keeping that as rent so i fig id just let him keep that omstead pf payin rent. Well i went to go get my stuff today n he has taking my furniture all my tvs my radios dvd players eveything except my clothes n dishes and said ill get it bak when i pay 2 months rent plus 500 damage fee plus he gets to keep the 450 security deposit and there mayb is 75 dollars worth of damage i doubt even that much. He is tryn to make me pay for fixin the carpet n i have witnesses who were the tenants before who says that the carpet is in the same shape when they moved out. my question i can he do this cuz he is the one who broke the contract selling the house when in the contract it says he cant n now i cant even get my stuff because he is telln the cops he left 3 notices on the door which he didnt the cops said if i go in without him there that im breakn an enterin and i would go to jail can anynone please give me some info


Your situation is very confusing and complicated. It would be best for you to talk with an experienced landlord tenant attorney that practices law in the same area where the rental property is located to find out how to proceed. Your situation is way too specific and your claims against your former landlord way too complicated for this forum. You really need someone who has a legal background and the experience to help you quickly. I hope you are able to get things straightened out.


You need to lay out your details properly before i can give you a professional advice as i am lost with your timeline as to when you were evicted when was your last pay and when did you come to get your staff?

A quick suggestion though, next time always have all things in written. Always require your landlord(s) for a written notices before you act.
Having a move in walk through inspection list is a good practice. This tool will help you from facing the same future especially in security deposit related problem.


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