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Can't afford the rent any longer  



I recently resigned from my job and became primary care giver for my mom and dad a true joy to have them with me
my husband teaches school in Nevada the pay sucks but we are Thankful when we first moved to this house it was okay because I was still working my FMLA ran out my mom started to go down hill
the rent here is 1400 Dollars 145 late fee sense only one pay check coming in and the little help from my dad we have had 6 late fees added on to our rent from being late we need to move into a cheaper place but don't want an eviction on our record
our lease was up in May and they did not mention to us about signing a new one so I guess my question is does anyone know about the tenant law in las vegas HELP! WE ARE BETWEEN A ROCK AND HARD PLACE


Go online and pull up the landlord tenant laws that apply for the state/county/city where the rental property is located. If you can't find anything online, go to the local law library and ask where you can find the landlord tenant laws that apply in your specific area. It is important that you carefully read through your entire written lease agreement. Did it renew as a month to month agreement? Does it tell you how much move-out notification is required to terminate the tenancy? Have you spoken with your landlord at all about your situation? Communication is usually the best solution in working things out with your landlord. Please provide more information...


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