If I don't want to accept personal tenant rent checks, can I refuse?  


I'm tired of not knowing if the check I deposit will come back unpaid. It's aggravating the heck out of me so I just want money orders, official checks, or cash now. Can I require this?


As long as your lease agreement doesn't reference acceptable forms of payment without also having a penalty clause (which it probably doesn't). If so, you can then send give your tenant a written notice explaining the change and the reasons for it. By laying out an explanation, this should blunt any tenant hostility - as long as your reason is just. Be sure to change you future lease agreements to say something like: Any rent payment that is returned unpaid by a bank or other financial institution, the landlord reserves the right to restrict all future rent payments to cash, money order, or cashier checks. (something like that - you can play with the actual verbiage).


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