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Need a new ac, can I modify the lease to increase rent?  



My tenant may have abused the ac system. Don't think he changed filters at at and kept it at 72.

So I now have to put in a new system and we just renewed the lease. Can I use a modification form to change the lease?


You can't modify a lease without the tenant's permission and you can't force or intimidate them. They don't have to agree by the way, because you have to provide a working ac unit. However, when the lease comes up for renewal, you may want to stipulate filter change frequency (or do it yourself). I've seen some really nasty filters untouched for years. You should also specify a reasonable temperature range for the thermostat. We reach 102 outside in the summer and trying to hold 72 would be impossible. I'm guessing your unit must have been pretty old.


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