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Air Vent/Duct UNCLEANED for years!!!  




I rented an apartment and since then have severe allergies. I am currently undergoing treatment. Recently my coworker visited me and his sinus flared up so he suggested I replace my air filter. When I tried to replace the air vent, I saw lot of dirt and decided to clean it. To make the process easier I opened the vent and that is when I noticed tons of filth and layers and layers of dirt. Totally unhygienic. Called the management and they said they don't do duct/vent cleaning. It is not their responsibility is what they said. Are they not responsible for the living conditions of the apartment? Is it not the apartment management who should clean everything before they rent it out.. The filth has been laying around for YEARS and nobody has ever bothered to clean it. Can someone guide me please?


The lease would have to clearly spell out who is responsible for what...changing filters, servicing the a/c, etc. Probably more importantly, you would have to be able to demonstrate that the duct work has created a hazardous living condition. Contact your health department or housing authority to inquiry about state and local laws that may protect you.


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