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False noise complaints from neighbor  



My kids came to visit and my neighbor has started a campaign of lies to try and get me evicted.

She filed a noise complaint saying loud noises were coming from my apartment 3 weekends in a row. I proved I was over 1000 miles away the middle weekend and that I worked my usual 70 hours the first weekend. The third, my kids were there part of the time so I could not swear they didn't make noise though they said they did not.

Yesterday morning the neighbor starting banging really loud on the wall. I figured she was finally getting some and it was the headboard of her bed. I thought it was a good thing, maybe her errant behavior would stop. She then turned around and filed another complaint saying I WAS THE ONE BANGING ON THE WALLS. I went to the managers office and she says the lady talked to the District Manager this time and in spite of the fact that she lied last time, she was told to issue me a second complaint.

If I get one more I can be evicted. What can I do to stop this ridiculous farce? How can I stop making noise that I am not making? How can I force them to stop giving me bogus noise complaints?


I do not know of any way that you can easily deal with a neighbor such as you describe. It may just be best for you to find a new place to live. (I did not say easy, I just said best...) Sometimes people are strange and you either just have to put up with it or move on. The good thing is that you are lucky that you are renting because you CAN decide to move if you choose to. Just imagine of you owned the property and got stuck living next to another property owner who acted this way. If you decide to stay, you will, unfortunately, just have to live with this complaining neighbor. Good luck with this one.


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