How do you prove bed bug responsibility?  


ive got a tenant complaining about bed bugs in their baby's crib. ive never had a problem before so how do i go about proving this is not my fault?


First, how do you know these are bed bugs and not fleas?

Does the tenant have any pets? You need to set up a time to take a look for yourself and a do a little research. Get your facts together to make your case to the tenant. Don't be confrontational, just lay it all out there. Worst case - come to a compromise.

If you didn't have a problem with the prior tenant, then this is probably not your problem. Even if they are bed bugs, they are commonly carried from rental to rental in existing bedding and clothing.

As long as you had the place cleaned before this tenant and they are claiming the crib is primarily infested (sad for the baby), it's quite apparent it's not your problem. But actually, it is your problem because it's your property, but the tenant would have to pay for treating the situation. Just be sure, you stay on top of the situation so your next tenant doesn't have a legitimate complaint. 


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