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I live in Dunmore Pa. The temps have been below 0 degrees.
My apartment sits over an empty basement, that has no insulation in the ceiling. The wind whips through the basement and straight up to my apartment. My bedroom is at 50 degrees. The Landlord was told numerous times about the cold, but continues to ignore me. He is a Policeman in the same city and the city codes bureau also controls this jurisdiction. If I call the Housing Code Department I'm sure there will be collusion. I have no funds to move or hire a Lawyer. I have been using electric heaters to keep warm @ my expense. Any ideas ?


Read through the lease agreement and the landlord tenant laws that apply for the state/county/city where the rental property is located. Laws vary between states and can also vary between counties and cities within states. It is important that you follow the lease (if applicable) and the laws to the letter.

Verbal conversations cannot be proven and cannot be relied on. In general, notify the landlord in writing about a problem and ask the landlord to correct/address the problem. Within such a letter, politely ask your landlord for a written reply within a reasonable time frame (ie. 2 business days) that will detail his/her plans to remedy the situation. Send the letter to your landlord by Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested so that you have a record of the landlord's receipt of your letter. Again, follow the laws that apply to your state/county/city.

Check with the local codes department to find whether any building codes are being violated. There is no reason to give them your name and/or address when asking general questions.

Do you have any ideas for the landlord to help him/her solve your problem? For example, maybe the situation can be improved by some insulation and/or by closing or sealing the basement doors/windows to keep the cold air from infiltrating the basement area? Maybe the landlord will respond quickly if a solution is proposed? Find out.

Your landlord is required to follow the laws and insuring that the property is inhabitable for tenants. You will have to take the initiative to accomplish your goal of living in a habitable property. No one will do this for you, you have to decide to do it for yourself.


I know about the electric heaters and freezing. I am in the attic in Wilkes Barre and I am trying to stay in bed with my electric blanket full time. GET WITNESSES and take a regular temperature reading.

Do go to the city code enforcement with your complaint and make sure that the apartment passes inspection. Also, as LL suggests, develop ways to insulate, weather stripping in doorways, calking windows, plastic over windows, etc.

I can surely feel your pain.


Same here. My friend and me shared the same room. Our landlord too didn't pay attention to any insulation and we have to use the heater at our expenses. We consulted a lawyer and he told us to file a complain against our landlord. We surfed many important sites to find one who may help us to solve this problem soon and at affordable charges.


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