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Tenant doesn't want the house now  



Our tenant rented our home from us w/o viewing it. We were very honest about the wear and tear on the home. However, when the tenant showed up they were unhappy with the house. Unfortunately, after we moved and the cleaning crew came the hose from the washer dripped and made a spot of mold. They said that these were unsafe living conditions. I told them that I would have it fixed and cleaned asap. They want all of their money back including the first months rent (which is now going on day 7). They said the house was dirty, even though we had two cleaning crews clean it. The complained that the walls in the garage weren't painted, but builders in Texas don't do that. Can they just demand their money back? They are threatening us with a lawyer. They saw many pictures of the home and I have e-mails about the normal wear and tear that the house has...and they were ok with everything. Doesn't a landlord have the right to fix anything within a timely manner w/o being sued and the lease being broken?


You're right, they can't demand their money back unless there are very serious issues that you neglected to fix. Mold on carpet can very easily be treated. Sounds like they just changed their minds. Let them get an attorney. Most throw that phrase around without ever using it. Attorneys like money up front and unless there are serious damages, you'll be fine. The best thing is to get new tenants, because you don't want them upset and living in your home - who knows what could happen.


While I understand that, it is hard to rent a home when you are out of state. We don't mind finding another renter in weeks to come, however I need advice for in the meantime. I will not just let them out of the lease and give all of their money back w/o new renters. After they signed the lease we had to turn away about 10 other interested parties.




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