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Tenants Rights  



Can landlord remove front screen and door?


Are you referring to the front porch being removed, or just a screen door - leaving the main front door behind?

Landlords are allowed to modify a rental property as long as it doesn't affect things like your health, safety or number of bedrooms and bathrooms, but I'm guessing this is not that type of case.

If there are significant changes, then you would most likely have a legal right out of the lease. Try talking to your landlord if they're approachable - some are and some are also a real pain.

You just learned the main downfall of renting, it's not your property. A real bummer when a landlord wants to make acceptable changes (especially to the exterior).


If a landlord owns an apartment complex. Can he/she put out a flyer stating there will be an inspection next week and 1/3 of the apartments will be inspected?? Using this as a 24 hour notice without stating which apartments will be inspected?? And the next week walking around and randomly picking which to go in??


KenW, next time you are encouraged to create your own topic.

Without getting into the technicalities and semantics, it sounds like the landlord just gave you notice. Could you argue against this approach in court? Sure, but the landlord ultimately has the right to enter and unless it's a major issue, I wouldn't waste the effort because all the landlord needs to do is post an updated flyer saying everyone will be inspected and then only choose a third when that day arrives.


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