After walk thru in Denver Colorado  


I always leave my rentals in excellent condition. This last one was no different. I took photos, I also had a witness with me during the walk thru. The landlord is now doing major renovations as was planned and being the main reason I moved (he was planning on doing them on top of me had i stayed!)

He was very pleased with the condition of the apt and said in front of my witness that he was going to send my deposit this last week. I never got it. I saw him today and he said he would send it this next week.

In Colorado I know he has 30 days to send it. It used to be that a landlord would have to pay three times the amount of the deposit if it was proven they withheld your deposit without cause. After all you have to pay it immediately so they should have to give it back immediately!

I am reading horror stories on this site! Yikes!

My question is this, I did not have him sign anything when we did the walk through. Will this make a difference down the road if he does not pay me?

I have always felt bad for landlords who rent to bad tenants because I put myself in their shoes, however, when you are a good tenant and you pay on time, and leave the place clean, you should never have to wait, even 30 days for your deposit!



It is reasonable, and a good idea, to send a polite written request to your former landlord asking for the return of your security deposit. Be sure you have provided your landlord with any necessary information that is required under the terms of your lease and/or the landlord tenant laws that apply for the state/county/city where the rental property is located. Verbal conversations cannot be proven, so it is always best to get written verification of any "conversations" that you and the landlord have had instead of relying on verbal understandings, which can easily be confused and/or misunderstood. If you have photos to show and a witness to testify/support the condition that the property was in when you returned possession to your landlord, that will be very good evidence to have. Good for you. That is the best way to handle move-in and move-out situations. When you write your landlord, be sure to keep a copy of the letter and proof (ie. CMRRR or whatever the landlord tenant laws and/or your written lease agreement require...) that your landlord received your letter. If you have not yet read through the landlord tenant laws, it would be a good idea to do so before you send your letter just so that you are aware of what applies for the state/county/city where the rental property is located. Let us know what happens...



To begin with, you have to send a demand letter for documentation and have it gotten by your proprietor. On the off chance that after few letters the landowner neglected to pay you back your security deposit then you can use this file claims in court. This is most likely a sad circumstance for you. I propose next time you set everything in writing when you move in/out to archive everything to keep away from the same issue later on. I prescribe you to attempt to use this free tool I have been using this device each time I move in/out to abstain from confronting the same issue too.

Best fortunes 🙂


You can go over the contract again. It's one proof of your agreement with the landlord. For the walkthru, maybe you can do that online so you can keep a record. In that case, you wouldn't need signed documents for proof. You can check out this link if you want: It's been helpful. Good luck!


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