Landlord Charges after Moving Out  


My previous Landlord just sent me a letter with estimations for cleaning carpets (106), a broken down old rocking chair that was there when he bought the house(75) and "stains upstairs" (250).

I rented a carpet cleaner from lowes and did the carpets. upon moving in, he himself admitted he had the carpets cleaned and the stains did not come out. beyond normal ware, the carpets were cleaned by me upon moving out. rest of house was clean as well. the rocking chair honestly couldn't sell at a yard sale for more than a dollar plus there is no way for him to prove the value of the chair.

The "stains up stairs" are two small spots of paint in one room, a drop of what i think is nail polish in the small upstairs hall and a few small spots of the same material in another room. we tried to get those stains out to no avail.

Considering he said estimation vs bill, and considering reasonable effort was made to clean the carpets and house (he commented on how well we did cleaning the house actually during the walk through) and considering he made all the previous repairs (which all basically failed to hold or fix the problems), can he force me to pay for services I performed and can prove I performed and further, is it worth going to court over? Guy is a real douche. help.


Trying to dispute cleaning fees is nearly impossible. Realistically, I tell people it's unlikely to get your whole deposit back. In your instance, it would take an absurd amount of proof to fight this in small claims court. $75 for a broken rocking chair? Just let it go and hope the next landlord isn't a douche. I wish I could tell you there's an ideal court and method for winning this type of nonsense, but there's not. You could sure try though and see what happens. If nothing else, it will prepare you better for the next time. And regarding next time, be in touch with your landlord as early as possible to clear the air and any expectations. Send him pictures and discuss your objectives and whether or not he'll agree to not charge you. By the way, there are states that do offer a second chance - so see if you can achieve that on your own just by thoroughly communicating with your landlord next time.


That's too bad!! Next time though, I suggest you can do a walkthrough to prevent such issues from happening. I use this link for mine: You can even post on that site your moving in and moving out experience. I think it really helps both the tenant and landlord to give what is due to each other. Hope it can be of help to you in the future!


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