Need help ASAP - Landlord won't answer or give me my deposit.  


I lived in a residence for 6 months. Paid a $700 security deposit. I moved out and met with a lady that helps her out to turn my keys in. The lady didn't show up with anything. No paperwork stating i turned in keys, etc. I had drawn up my own form that stated we had turned in the keys to the house and that the house was clean (actually cleaner) as when we moved in.
I contacted the landlord to ask about my deposit money being returned and she told me she has been sick and hasn't had a chance to look at anything. I gave her 2 days, then called back and asked for my deposit and she told me she was resting and would call me back that afternoon or evening--and hasn't. I have left several messages with her, went by her house and spoke with her husband and he said she was out of town and wasn't sure when she would be back (seemed weird to me since she has been sick with heart problems) I have also drove by the old house and the trash cans were moved out and a for rent sign has been put in the yard. So they, or someone has been by and they already have it back up for rent, so it was obviously in good condition and there is no need to hold my deposit.
I also think that she never put it in an escrow fund (which is the Oklahoma law) and that she doesn't have the money to give back to me which is why she isn't returning my calls. I am an easy person as long as there is communication, but now she is avoiding me and I am really getting ticked off. Someone please help and tell me what I can do to get my money back.


I am in basically the same situation. I see no one has responded yet to your post and I would like an answer as well. As far as I can tell, we have to send a written request for the deposit refund (return receipt requested/certified) via the post office. Then 30 days after we can take the landlord to small claims court for the deposit plus any "emotional" or other damages caused by the lack of receiving the deposit or responses.



First, you need to send a demand letter for documentation and have it received by your landlord. If after few letters the landlord failed to pay you back your security deposit then you can use this file claims in court. This is surely an unfortunate situation for you. I suggest next time you put everything in writing when you move in/out to document everything to avoid the same issue in the future. I recommend you to try to use this free tool I have been using this tool every time I move in/out to avoid facing the same issue as well.

Best luck 🙂


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