Tenant suing for security deposit  


An ex-tenant is suing me for non-return of her security deposit. Her side: I'm a sh---ty landlord. She left the place in better order than when she moved in. I kept her security deposit for no good reason. ($700) She claims she has pictures of how spotless she left the unit.

My side: her dogs & cats peed all over the wall-to-wall carpets. In places it had melted because of the ammonia & had to be scrape off the flooring. The rug was patched with duct tape & had runs in it. The trim around several of the doorways was badly scratched/damaged.

I'm thinking of countersuing for the full amount I'm out of pocket.

I have receipts for the new rug that was put in prior to her move-in date. I have receipts for the rug installed after she left (1 year later).

I have parts of the damaged rug (I'm cynical - thought this might happen). I can also get the repair people to write letters attesting to the damage that was done. Are letters acceptable to the court? Or shall I try to get some one to come in as a witness?

I'm in upstate NY. Any suggestions? Should I consult with an attorney?


Hello! I'm from Pennsylvania and I know that papers involving estimates can be objected to in lower courts. If you could get an expert to come in, that would be great.

I say sue for as much as humanly possible. So tired of disrespectful tenants. You may not get it, but it will feel good and it's a chance to sue while the tenant pays the court fees.

Good luck!!


Hi Nancy,

I am a tenant by the way and a newbie here and was basically meandering around and I happen to bumped in your issue and I think it may be helpful to you to try to use http://bit.ly/29WcZka it will decrease security-deposit related conflicts with your tenant(s). I have been utilizing it at whatever point I move as a part of/out so far it never comes up short me. This free stroll walk through device keeps the report on the cloud and sends you, and your tenant(s) an association with it. In a matter of seconds, you and the tenant(s) have insistence about what the spot looked like when the tenant(s) moved in/out. This keeps from achieving the future issue with your tenant(s).

Best luck.


I highly suggest that you consult an attorney. A professional can help you with that. Keep the documents because that will serve as your proof. Next time, I highly recommend that you do a walkthrough with your tenant. That's what me and my landlord did before my move in/move out day. We kept photos of the original state of the apartment. Links like this one can help: http://goo.gl/wr4LlL. I hope you can find it useful as well.


Similar situation happened to be with my friend in Paris. His ex-tenant even did not leave the house in very good condition. He decided to consult an attorney asap! He tried to checked these site out and also asked for the referrals so that he may choose the best one to deal with this matter easily and also abiding all the countries law rules and regulation.


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