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New landlord needs help  



Ok here’s my situation:

I have a couple who has filed a rental application and left me a deposit (which I have not cashed) to hold the apartment if their application is approved. I have not given them a lease to sign yet. I have two issues which I need advice on:
1. I initially posted the apartment as pets negotiable for an additional deposit. The couple just adopted an American bulldog-which after some research, I’ve come to realize that this dog will grow to 100+ lbs. I’m not comfortable with an animal of this size, and moreover, I’m concerned about the possible damage to the apartment.

2. I tried to contact their previous landlord, but was told they do not give out any information regarding tenants.
So, should I be concerned with the fact that their landlord refuses to give out info on their tenants, or is this standard? I really just want to know if they pay on time and if they were good tenants.

Second-I’m reconsidering allowing pets all together. Can I return the deposit check under the pretenses that I’m changing my policy on pets or should I give an alternate reason.

Thanks in advance to anyone who reads and responds to this post-I’m still fairly new to renting.


If you don't want pets that's a perfectly acceptable reason to deny the application. You should return the deposit. I'm not sure what State you are in but some rental information is available on some court's websites. In Michigan, you can find out how often a tenant has been to court for non-payment of rent or termination of tenancy. That information is better than a credit report. Good Luck - Jeremy


We have a rottweiler and if you research rottweilers, they can grow to be well over 100 pounds as well but our is 3/4 rott and 1/4 black lab which dropped her weight well below 100 pounds at almost 7 yrs old (she's 70 pounds).
I wouldnt rule out the dog just because wikipedia says 70-130 pounds for males as it may be a female and it may be mixed with something else even if it is male.
Perhaps you could give the applicants a buzz and ask them how old the dog is and if its full blooded, then make a decision call from that information ..... Good luck


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