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My husband and I were in a position of having to do a lease to own on a house we lived in in Fond du Lac, WI because my husband got a job in MN and we couldn't sell the house due to the bad economy. We advertised and picked the best couple out of the bunch, and, unfortunately, they turned out to be horrible tenants. They did not pay on time and then didn't pay at all. We ended up taking them to court twice, and they have now been evicted and we were granted a judgment for what they owe us in back rent of which they are now claiming that the man is on disability and they told the court they couldn't possibly pay us. We still need to fight that, but, anyway, the question I had was my husband received a voice message a couple of days ago from a rental management company in Fond du Lac asking for a reference for this couple for a new place they want to rent. I was all set to call and give them the whole story on these two, but my husband said I should check first to see what is legal and illegal to disclose. Anyone know?


Don't make any statement other than the facts concerning when the rent was due, when it was paid and the fact that they can check the court records for more information.

No opinion should be offered. You can even state that your attorney has advised you not to make any remarks other than the due date and when (if) the payments were received.

This will be enough.


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