Tenant refuses to give out social security number  


how can I screen them without it? I need to know if they have been paying their bills on time, but they are being difficult. Should I let them go and move on to the next tenant that comes along and miss out on another rent payment?


Depending on the type of access you have to pull credit reports, there was a way to pull the credit report with just a name and an address. However, I don't suggest pulling a credit report on someone who objects to giving out information unless they agree you can pull their credit report.

There's a service called RealSerious.com where you can initiate the request to pull a tenant's credit report without having any of their personal information. The catch is that the tenant must be willing to create a free account, verify their identity, and agree to release their credit report to you. Basically, the tenant is providing their information to RealSerious.com. The credit report provided to the landlord is free of account numbers and other personal identifiers (like SSN and previous addresses).


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