Becoming a Landlord

Have to Move? Rent Out Your Current Home

When facing bad or prosperous times and the decision is made accordingly to move into a more reasonable or lavish place, you may want to think about whether you are in a position to rent out your current residence. The reason this question keeps recurring is because the most difficult part about real estate has […]

Becoming a Landlord

Need to Relocate Temporarily? Rent Out Your Home

For the purposes of this article, “temporary relocation” is defined as “leaving a primary residence with the likelihood of returning one day (usually between six months and a couple of years – rarely longer) from the initial date of departure.” If you’re relocating out of the area – whether for school, career development, military assignment […]

Becoming a Landlord

Rent or Sell Inherited Property?

One of the most common scenarios in which people unexpectedly find themselves thrust into the position of becoming a potential landlord is by inheriting property. Just because it hasn’t happened yet, becoming the heir to your parents’, grandparents’ or other relative’s home can easily happen to you. Regardless of the current state of the “FED” […]

Becoming a Landlord

Becoming an American Landlord – Introduction

Whether you’re getting started, getting frustrated or just not getting it all, becoming a successful landlord is not always easy. Be it on account of the maintenance, the tenants, the financing or the remaining list of unforeseen potential pitfalls, owning rental property can often be downright frustrating – however, it doesn’t have to be that […]

Tenant Screening

When Tenants use the Divorce Excuse for Bad Credit

Here is what you need to find out and why: When did the divorce occur? It is important to understand the approximate time frame in which you would expect to see the derogatory information begin to appear on the credit report. If the majority of debt with negative remarks appears years before or after the […]