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What is Not Covered by Landlord Insurance

While landlord insurance is a great tool to protect a rental property from sudden losses, it doesn’t cover everything. The following is a list of claims that are often not covered by landlord insurance policies:

MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRS – If an appliance breaks like a dishwasher or hot water heater, landlord insurance would not cover a replacement or repair. However, if a room floods because of it, the resulting damage may be covered.

TENANT DAMAGE – Malicious damage caused by a tenant is not covered by standard landlord insurance policies, but there are options that may help cover such occurrences. See Does Landlord Insurance Cover Tenant Damage?

TENANT PERSONAL PROPERTY – Unless damage results from the landlord’s negligence, personal possessions like phones, electronics, and clothing are not covered by landlord insurance. This why tenants may want to consider purchasing a renters insurance policy, especially if the amount of personal possessions is substantial. See Renters Insurance.

EARTHQUAKES – Losses suffered from an earthquake usually require separate or additional coverage.

SEWAGE BACKUP – Landlord insurance does not cover when an obstruction or damage prevents wastewater from flowing through the main sewer line that connects your home to the municipal sewers.

FLOODING – Even though a natural disaster is beyond one’s control, a separate flood insurance policy usually needs to be purchased through the National Flood Insurance Plan.