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Does Landlord Insurance Cover Tenant Damage?

There a few fine lines found within landlord insurance policies offered by different companies. A few different scenarios have been outlined below to try an answer such a general question:

SUDDEN AND ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE – If a tenant accidentally starts a fire in the kitchen while cooking breakfast, the resulting damage of the walls, counters, and cabinets, would typically be covered under the dwelling/structure portion of a policy.

If an appliance is destroyed in a kitchen fire, then it would be covered, but if it breaks during the tenant’s use due to normal wear and tear, a landlord insurance policy would not an appliance repair or replacement.

INTENTIONAL DAMAGE – If a tenant gets upset one day and decides to take their frustration out by punching holes in the walls or kicking in doors, busting out windows, or causing other forms of destruction, standard landlord insurance policies would not cover this type of damage. However, there are sometimes additional coverage options sold by insurance companies that would cover vandalism.

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