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Optional Insurance Coverage for Landlords

Since the average landlord insurance policy offers limited Rental Property Insurance Coverage and Landlord Liability Insurance Coverage, a landlord may want to consider the following additional policy add-ons offered by most insurers:

FAIR RENTAL INCOME – If the rental property is uninhabitable due to a covered claim, this feature will help cover the loss of rental income during the time it takes to restore the dwelling unit, usually the insure will impose limits on the amount of the loss and the length of time.

BUILDING CODE – When there is a needed repair, renovation, or reconstruction that is a covered loss, sometimes there can be new building codes which may require additional improvements to be made in order to comply.

VANDALISM – Whether committed by the tenant or a stranger, this insurance would cover repairs or replacement of items to restore the unit.

BURGLARY – Similar to vandalism coverage, if there are windows broken or items stolen, this helps cover the repair and replacement costs to restore the dwelling unit.

UMBRELLA POLICY – If you have a lot to lose and someone tries to sue you for an accident at the rental property, an umbrella policy would help cover settlement and legal fees that may exceed your standard landlord liability insurance limits.