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State Laws for Security Deposits

This is a summary of the maximum amount a landlord may charge for a security deposit and when it must be returned according to the laws of each state. For more specific information regarding required disclosures and paying interest, please see our entire summary of state laws or you may post a question in our forums.

State Limit Deadline
Alabama One month’s rent, except for pet deposits, deposits to cover undoing tenant’s alterations, deposits to cover tenant activities that pose increased liability risks 60 days after termination of tenancy and delivery of possession
Alaska Two months’ rent, unless rent exceeds $2,000 per month. Landlord may ask for an additional month’s rent as deposit for a pet that is not a service animal, but may use it only to remedy pet damage. 14 days if the tenant gives proper notice to terminate tenancy; 30 days if the tenant does not give proper notice or if landlord has deducted amounts needed to remedy damage caused by tenant’s failure to maintain the property
Arizona One and one-half months’ rent 14 days
Arkansas Two months’ rent 60 days
California Two months’ rent (unfurnished); three months’ rent (furnished). Add extra one-half month’s rent for waterbed 21 days
Colorado No statutory limit One month, unless lease agreement specifies longer period of time (which may be no more than 60 days); 72 hours (not counting weekends or holidays) if a hazardous condition involving gas equipment requires tenant to vacate
Connecticut Two months’ rent (tenant under 62 years of age); one month’s rent (tenant 62 years of age or older) 30 days, or within 15 days of receiving tenant’s forwarding address, whichever is later
Delaware One month’s rent on leases for one year or more; no limit for month-to-month rental agreements (may require additional pet deposit of up to one month’s rent). No limit for rental of furnished units. Tenant may offer to supply a surety bond in lieu of or in conjunction with a deposit, which landlord may elect to receive. 20 days
District of Columbia One month’s rent 45 days
Florida No statutory limit 15 to 60 days depending on whether tenant disputes deductions
Georgia No statutory limit One month
Hawaii One month’s rent; Landlord may require an additional one month’s rent as security deposit for tenants who keep a pet 14 days
Idaho No statutory limit 21 days, or up to 30 days if landlord and tenant agree
Illinois No statutory limit For properties with five or more units, 30 to 45 days, depending on whether tenant disputes deductions or if statement and receipts are furnished
Indiana No statutory limit 45 days
Iowa Two months’ rent 30 days
Kansas One month’s rent (unfurnished); one and one-half month’s rent (furnished); for pets, add extra one-half month’s rent 30 days
Kentucky No statutory limit 30-60 days, depending on whether tenant disputes deductions
Louisiana No statutory limit One month
Maine Two months’ rent 30 days (if written rental agreement) or 21 days (if tenancy at will)
Maryland Two months’ rent 45 days
Massachusetts One month’s rent 30 days
Michigan One and one-half months’ rent 30 days
Minnesota No statutory limit Three weeks after tenant leaves, and landlord receives mailing address; five days if tenant must leave due to building condemnation
Mississippi No statutory limit 45 days
Missouri Two months’ rent 30 days
Montana No statutory limit 30 days (10 days if no deductions)
Nebraska One month’s rent (no pets); one and one-quarter months’ rent (pets) 14 days
Nevada Three months’ rent; if both landlord and tenant agree, tenant may use a surety bond for all or part of the deposit. 30 days
New Hampshire One month’s rent or $100, whichever is greater; no limit when landlord and tenant share facilities 30 days; for shared facilities, if the deposit is more than 30 days’ rent, landlord must provide written agreement acknowledging receipt and specifying when deposit will be returned — if no written agreement, 20 days after tenant vacates
New Jersey One and one-half month’s rent. Any additional security deposit, collected annually, may be no greater than 10% of the current security deposit. 30 days; five days in case of fire, flood, condemnation, or evacuation; does not apply to owner-occupied building with two or fewer units where tenant fails to provide 30 days’ written notice to landlord invoking provisions of act
New Mexico One month’s rent (for rental agreement of less than one year); no limit for leases of one year or more 30 days
New York No statutory limit (for non-regulated units) Reasonable amount of time
North Carolina One and one-half months’ rent for month-to-month rental agreements; two months’ rent if term is longer than two months; may add an additional “reasonable,” nonrefundable pet deposit. 30 days; if landlord’s claim against the deposit cannot be finalized within that time, landlord may send an interim accounting and a final accounting within 60 days of the tenancy’s termination
North Dakota One month’s rent (or if tenant has a pet, not to exceed the greater of $2,500 or amount equal to two months’ rent) 30 days
Ohio No statutory limit 30 days
Oklahoma No statutory limit 30 days
Oregon No statutory limit 31 days
Pennsylvania Two months’ rent for first year of renting; one month’s rent during second and subsequent years of renting 30 days
Rhode Island One month’s rent 20 days
South Carolina No statutory limit 30 days
South Dakota One month’s rent (higher deposit may be charged if special conditions pose a danger to maintenance of the premises) Two weeks, and must supply reasons if withholding any portion; 45 days for a written, itemized accounting, if tenant requests it
Tennessee No statutory limit No statutory deadline to return; 10 days to itemize
Texas No statutory limit 30 days. Landlord need not refund deposit if lease requires tenant to give written notice of tenant’s intention to surrender the premises.
Utah No statutory limit 30 days
Vermont No statutory limit 14 days; 60 days if the rental is seasonal and not intended as the tenant’s primary residence
Virginia Two months’ rent 45 days
Washington No statutory limit 14 days
West Virginia No statutory limit 30 days
Wisconsin No statutory limit 21 days
Wyoming No statutory limit 30 days, when applying it to unpaid rent (or within 15 days of receiving tenant’s forwarding address, whichever is later); additional 30 days allowed for deductions due to damage