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New Hampshire Security Deposit Laws

New Hampshire Security Deposit Limit

The equivalent of one month’s rent may be charged for the security deposit unless the landlord and tenant share the rental property, then New Hampshire does not legislate a limit. Note: New Hampshire’s security deposit laws does not apply to landlords who own just one single-family rental property. The law also does not apply to an owner-occupied building of up to five units (exception is granted to those units occupied by tenants 60 years old and older). Landlords must pay interest on security deposits held for a year or longer.

Security deposits paid in cash only require the landlord to issue a receipt containing the amount and the name of the institution where it will be deposited.

Deadline for Returning Security Deposit

Usually a security deposit must be returned with 30 days upon the tenant moving out. However, if the tenant and landlord share the property and the deposit is more than one month’s rent, the landlord must provide a written agreement specifying when the deposit will be returned; if nothing has been written down, the deposit must be returned within 20 days.