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Nevada Security Deposit Laws

Nevada Security Deposit Limit

Up to the equivalent of three months’ rent may be charged for the security deposit. As long as both parties agree, the tenant can use a surety bond for all or part of the deposit.

Deadline for Returning Security Deposit

After the tenant moves out, the deposit must be returned with 30 days. Landlords need to have language in the lease that mentions the conditions under which the security deposit will be returned and also must include an itemized statement if any deductions are taken.

Failure to return the security deposit or provide an itemization of deductions can result in penalties according to NRS 118A.242 (6) and (7):

6. If the landlord fails or refuses to return the remainder of a security deposit within 30 days after the end of a tenancy, the landlord is liable to the tenant for damages:

(a) In an amount equal to the entire deposit; and

(b) For a sum to be fixed by the court of not more than the amount of the entire deposit.

7. In determining the sum, if any, to be awarded under paragraph (b) of subsection 6, the court shall consider:

(a) Whether the landlord acted in good faith;

(b) The course of conduct between the landlord and the tenant; and

(c) The degree of harm to the tenant caused by the landlord’s conduct.