rental property maintenance

Inspect Maintenance Work and Invoices

When hiring a property manager or contractor to maintain a rental property, it’s not a good idea to just hand over the keys and write a check without proper scrutiny. Being too trusting often leads the door open for others to take advantage of an opportunity for waste and abuse or to adopt a nonchalant mindset which leads to additional […]

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Subletting Apartment

Subletting Legal Situations

The most important thing to keep in mind about a sublet situation is that the subletting tenant has absolutely no responsibilities to you. If the rent is not paid, you must go after the original tenant. If there is damage to the property, you can only go after the original tenant to recover payment beyond […]

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HUD’s Guidance on Criminal Background Checks

HUD, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, released new guidance on April 4, 2016 regarding the Fair Housing Act and how it should be applied to policies regarding criminal background checks on tenants. HUD believes that landlords have the potential to have an impermissible disparate impact on certain protected groups. HUD has basically stated […]

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Screening Tenants without Discriminating

It may seem unfair to some, but tenants actually have more flexibility without recourse when it comes to choosing which landlord they do business with as opposed to landlords being able to use their own gut reaction. The legal reality is that landlords are limited in scope when making decisions. The three basic criteria in […]

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Screening for Sex Offenders

Surprisingly, many landlords just aren’t suspicious of their clean cut applicants. While it is imperative to give every applicant the benefit of the doubt, it’s also impossible to ignore the possibility of someone trying to slip through undetected – usually by having the roommate/spouse submit the application to win over the landlord and then the […]

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Is My Landlord Required to Paint the Interior?

In most jurisdictions except for maybe a few local ordinances, landlords are not required to repaint the unit between tenants or even after several tenancies have passed. In fact, only New York City has the reputation for requiring a unit in a multi-unit dwelling of three or more units to be repainted once every three […]

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Should You Google Your Applicant?

There are many who claim the act of Googling applicants by searching for their online activities is a double-edged sword that may prove to be either insightful or insidious. Depending on how socially active your applicant is online, you may stumble upon more than you should know regarding personal information, especially in photos and comments […]

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