Moving Tenants In and Out

How to Evict a Tenant

Before you can have a tenant removed from a rental property, you have to start by giving proper notice. Without it, you can’t begin the court process required to end tenancy. Each state has its own requirements which may or may not include the right for the tenant to cure (correct) his or her violation and stay the […]

Tenant Screening

Is Your Tenant a Drug Dealer?

A tenant who uses drugs or deals drugs can be a significant liability to your investment property, neighboring tenants, and community. Based on actual law enforcement tips, learn the warning signs of tenant drug dealers, crack houses, and manufacturers (meth labs) occupying your rental property. Tenants who do drugs and commit crimes can be a […]

Tenant Screening Tips
Tenant Screening

Tenant Screening Important Steps

Before you sign a lease and hand over the keys to your rental property, watch this video for essential steps every landlord should follow when screening a tenant. A tenant background check with credit reports, criminal records and an eviction search is only has reliable as the information you obtain from the applicant. It’s far […]

rental property maintenance
Rental Property Maintenance

Inspect Maintenance Work and Invoices

When hiring a property manager or contractor to maintain a rental property, it’s not a good idea to just hand over the keys and write a check without proper scrutiny. Being too trusting often leads the door open for others to take advantage of an opportunity for waste and abuse or to adopt a nonchalant mindset which leads to additional […]

Subletting Apartment
The Lease Agreement

Subletting Legal Situations

The most important thing to keep in mind about a sublet situation is that the subletting tenant has absolutely no responsibilities to you. If the rent is not paid, you must go after the original tenant. If there is damage to the property, you can only go after the original tenant to recover payment beyond […]

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Tenant Screening

HUD’s Guidance on Criminal Background Checks

HUD, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, released new guidance on April 4, 2016 regarding the Fair Housing Act and how it should be applied to policies regarding criminal background checks on tenants. HUD believes that landlords have the potential to have an impermissible disparate impact on certain protected groups. HUD has basically stated […]

Tenant Screening

Screening Tenants without Discriminating

It may seem unfair to some, but tenants actually have more flexibility without recourse when it comes to choosing which landlord they do business with as opposed to landlords being able to use their own gut reaction. The legal reality is that landlords are limited in scope when making decisions. The three basic criteria in […]