Tenant Screening

Screening for Sex Offenders

Surprisingly, many landlords just aren’t suspicious of their clean cut applicants. While it is imperative to give every applicant the benefit of the doubt, it’s also impossible to ignore the possibility of someone trying to slip through undetected – usually by having the roommate/spouse submit the application to win over the landlord and then the […]

Moving In and Out

Is My Landlord Required to Paint the Interior?

In most jurisdictions except for maybe a few local ordinances, landlords are not required to repaint the unit between tenants or even after several tenancies have passed. In fact, only New York City has the reputation for requiring a unit in a multi-unit dwelling of three or more units to be repainted once every three […]

Tenant Screening

Should You Google Your Applicant?

There are many who claim the act of Googling applicants by searching for their online activities is a double-edged sword that may prove to be either insightful or insidious. Depending on how socially active your applicant is online, you may stumble upon more than you should know regarding personal information, especially in photos and comments […]

Tenant Screening

Can Tenants Provide Their Own Credit Report?

You should never let an applicant furnish their own credit report. There is no federal law prohibiting a landlord from obtaining one as long as the applicant gives permission. Fortunately, all states except for Wisconsin allow a landlord to charge an application fee to cover the cost of pulling a credit report. Wisconsin (under Adm. […]

Moving Tenants In and Out

Handling Abandoned Tenant Property

Every so often a tenant will leave something behind (sometimes its a lot of stuff). So what do you do? Throw it out? Sell it? Recycle it? Shoot it? As with any landlord-tenant issue, these matters should be handled professionally by documenting everything and issuing a formal notice. Some states will even provide their own […]

Moving In and Out

Tenant Options after Losing an Eviction Lawsuit

If the court rules against you and allows the landlord to regain physical possession of the property, you’ll have three options to choose from to put this part of your life to rest… Three Options for a Tenant after Losing an Eviction Case: Move Out Just because you lost your case doesn’t mean you shouldn’t […]