Moving In and Out

How to Defend Against an Eviction

Once you receive the notice to vacate your residence and even before you receive the notice from the constable for your court hearing, you should seriously consider whether you have any defenses available to the eviction suit. As mentioned, in a nonpayment of rent eviction case, the only way to redeem yourself is to pay […]

Tenant Screening

Rejecting an Applicant for Tenancy

No good person ever really wants to reject or refuse service to anyone – whether it’s a bank, employer, insurance company or whatever. If the applicant doesn’t meet your minimum requirements (those same requirements that have been applied to everyone else who has applied – regardless of race, color or creed), then there is not […]

Tenant Screening

Screening Tenants with No Credit History

Commonly referred to as “no hit” or “no record,” this is when the credit bureaus do not have any information on file for your applicant. Don’t be alarmed though, because a person can have no credit history for any of the following reasons: They have never bothered to apply for credit (no credit cards, car […]

The Lease Agreement

Radon Gas may be in Your Rental Property

While you may have heard of radon gas before, chances are you probably don’t know much about it. Basically, radon is a radioactive gas that is released from natural deposits of uranium in the ground. It can be released in the property from a number of sources (e.g. water from a well, natural stone fireplace, […]

Rental Property Maintenance

Are Landlords Responsible for Asbestos?

To begin, the short answer is, “yes.” But there is no mandatory federal or state law requiring the disclosure of asbestos like the ones with lead paint and even radon in certain areas, unless you (the landlord) are aware of its existence and it’s significant enough to pose a threat. Your duty as a landlord […]


Deducting Automobile Expenses

Can a landlord deduct their car expenses on their tax return? For those landlords that are actively involved in the management of their properties, the answer is usually yes. However, caution must always be exercised when the IRS may be involved. Therefore, this article outlines the manner in which automobile deductions can be taken – […]

Moving Tenants In and Out

Are Landlords Liable for a Tenant’s Dog?

Tenant dog owners make up a significant percentage (over 30% – some sources claim) of renters in the United States. But don’t be too alarmed about the topic of this article, because it’s not an everyday occurrence. In fact, its very rare, but it has happened and when it does – it can be very […]