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Alaska Landlord Disclosures

The Alaska Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act requires the following disclosures to be made by landlords managing rental property throughout the state:

Contact Information

The landlord or a person authorized to enter into a rental agreement on behalf of the landlord shall disclose to the tenant in writing at or before the commencement of the tenancy the name and address of:

  • The person authorized to manage the premises; and
  • An owner of the premises or a person authorized to act for and on behalf of the owner for the purpose of service of process and for the purpose of receiving and receipting for notices and demands.

Note: The information required to be furnished by this section shall be kept current and this section extends to and is enforceable against any successor landlord, owner, or manager.

Mobile Home Capital Improvements

A mobile home park operator shall disclose fully in writing all capital improvements that will be required to be made by the tenant including but not limited to skirting or utility hook-ups, before entering into a rental agreement.

Article 03. Section 34.03.080.

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