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Arizona Landlord-Tenant Relationship Exclusions

The Arizona Residential Landlord and Tenant Act excludes the following arrangements between landlords and tenant from having to comply with the requirements of this Act:

  • Residence at an institution, public or private, if incidental to detention, the provision of
    medical, educational, counseling or religious services or the provision of a social service
    program that is provided by a social service provider. For the purposes of this paragraph, “social
    service provider” means a private entity that directly assists an individual or family in obtaining
    housing and that offers to provide the individual or family with assistance in obtaining
    employment, child care, health care, education, skills training, transportation, counseling or any
    other related service.
  • Occupancy under a contract of sale of a dwelling unit or the property of which it is a part, if
    the occupant is the purchaser or a person who succeeds to his interest.
  • Occupancy by a member of a fraternal or social organization in the portion of a structure
    operated for the benefit of the organization.
  • Transient occupancy in a hotel, motel or recreational lodging.
  • Occupancy by an employee of a landlord as a manager or custodian whose right to occupancy
    is conditional upon employment in and about the premises.
  • Occupancy by an owner of a condominium unit or a holder of a proprietary lease in a
  • Occupancy in or operation of public housing as authorized, provided or conducted under or
    pursuant to title 36, chapter 12, or under or pursuant to any federal law or regulation.

Article 01. Section 33-1308.

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