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Arkansas Landlord-Tenant Laws

In Arkansas, residential rental property relationships between a landlord and a tenant are governed by Title 18 Property, Subtitle 2 Real Property, Chapter 16 and 17 (the Arkansas Residential Landlord-Tenant Act of 2007). The laws of these chapters are discussed below.

Landlord-Tenant Exclusions

There are certain landlord-tenant relationships that are not governed by the Arkansas Residential Landlord-Tenant Act of 2007. See Arkansas Landlord-Tenant Relationship Exclusions.

Terms and Conditions of Rental Agreement

The state of Arkansas allows a landlord use various lawful provisions of a lease agreement and stipulates how to interpret tenancies without an agreement. See Arkansas Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions.

Security Deposits

The law limits how much money a landlord can collect for a security deposit and specifies the time frame manner in which it must be returned to the tenant after tenancy ends. See Arkansas Security Deposit Laws.

Tenant Failure to Pay Rent

When tenants stop making rent payments, the Arkansas Code provides landlords the ability to seek immediate and necessary relief. See Arkansas Tenant Failure to Pay Rent.

Landlord Liability for Defects and Disrepair

The Arkansas Code is very specific about assigning blame to a landlord when a tenant is harmed as a result of a problem with the property that wasn’t repaired. See Arkansas Landlord Liability for Defects and Disrepair.

Periodic Tenancy Termination and Holding Over

Short-term tenancies have to be terminated by either party in accordance with the notice requirements of the Arkansas Residential Landlord-Tenant Act of 2007 and landlords must follow certain procedures when tenants stay after tenancy has ended. See Arkansas Periodic Tenancy Termination and Holding Over.

Tenant Domestic Abuse Protections

Victims of violence, threats or sex crimes by a current or former member of the household have various rights under the laws of Arkansas pertaining to their tenancy. Landlords also have rights against the abuser. See Arkansas Tenant Domestic Abuse Protections.

Tenant Obligations

Landlord Remedies