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Colorado Mobile Home Park New Rules and Regulations

The Colorado Revised Statutes Title 38, Article 12, Section 214 allows for mobile home parks to adopt new rules and regulations in the following manner:

Adopting New Rules and Regulations

The management shall adopt written rules and regulations concerning all home owners’ use and occupancy of the premises. Such rules and regulations are enforceable against a home owner only if:

  • Their purpose is to promote the convenience, safety, or welfare of the home owners, protect and preserve the premises from abusive use, or make a fair distribution of services and facilities held out for the home owners generally;
  • They are reasonably related to the purpose for which they are adopted;
  • They are not retaliatory or discriminatory in nature;
  • They are sufficiently explicit in prohibition, direction, or limitation of the home owner’s conduct to fairly inform him of what he must or must not do to comply.

C.R.S. 38-12-214

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