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Colorado Mobile Home Park Rental Agreement Terms

The Colorado Revised Statutes Title 38, Article 12, Section 213 requires the terms and conditions of a tenancy to be adequately disclosed in writing in a rental agreement by the management to any prospective home owner prior to the rental or occupancy of a mobile home space or lot.

Required Disclosures

Each mobile home park rental agreement shall include:

  • The term of the tenancy and the amount of rent, subject to the requirements of the subsection Terms of Tenancy;
  • The day rental payment is due and payable;
  • The day when unpaid rent shall be considered in default;
  • The rules and regulations of the park then in effect;
  • The name and mailing address where a manager’s decision can be appealed;
  • All charges to the home owner other than rent.

Note: Each rental agreement shall be signed by both the management and the home owner, and each party shall receive a copy thereof.

Terms of Tenancy

The terms of tenancy shall be specified in a written rental agreement subject to the following conditions:

  • The standard rental agreement shall be for a month-to-month tenancy.
  • Upon written request by the home owner to the landlord, the landlord shall allow a rental agreement for a fixed tenancy of not less than one year if the home owner is current on all rent payments and is not in violation of the terms of the then-current rental agreement; except that an initial rental agreement for a fixed tenancy may be for less than one year in order to ensure conformity with a standard anniversary date. A landlord shall not evict or otherwise penalize a home owner for requesting a rental agreement for a fixed period.
  • A landlord may, in the landlord’s discretion, allow a lease for a fixed period of longer than one year without requiring a written request by the home owner.

C.R.S. 38-12-213

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