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Colorado Notice Requirements to Increase Rent

The Colorado Revised Statutes Title 38, Article 12, Section 701 requires the following notice when increasing the rent on a residential rental property without a written rental agreement:

Tenancy of 1 Month or Longer, but Less than 6 Months

Notwithstanding any other provision of law, in a tenancy of one month or longer but less than six months where there is no written agreement between the landlord and tenant, a landlord may increase the rent only upon at least twenty-one days’ notice to the tenant.

C.R.S. 38-12-701

Note: Tenancies of 6 months or longer without a written agreement and tenancies with a written agreements of any duration do not have a statute for increasing rent. Typically, rent increases are governed by the written agreement. If there is no agreement, the amount of notice given to increase rent is usually the same amount of time that occurs between rent payments.

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