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Connecticut Tenant Violations that Don’t Require a Notice to Quit

The Connecticut General Statutes Chapter 832 Section 47a-31 allows for a landlord to avoid having to issue a notice to quit for possession from a residential tenant when the following occurs:

Illegal Use of Premises Voids Lease

When the lessee or tenant of any house, room, tenement or dwelling unit is convicted of keeping a house of ill-fame therein, resorted to for the purpose of prostitution or lewdness, or of a violation therein of any law against gaming, the lease, contract or rental agreement for letting such house, room, tenement or dwelling unit shall thereupon be void; and the lessor may recover possession of the premises in the manner prescribed in this chapter, but notice to quit possession shall not be required.

Conn. Gen. Stat. Title 47a Ch 832 Sec 47a-31.

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