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Connecticut Tenant Waiver of Notice to Quit

The Connecticut General Statutes Chapter 832 Section 47a-25 allows for a landlord to obtain a waiver from the tenant in the following manner to eliminate the need to provide a notice to quit once a residential lease agreement expires:

Waiver of Notice to Quit

When, in any written lease of any land, building, apartment or dwelling unit, notice to quit possession has been expressly waived by the lessee in the event such lease terminates by lapse of time, the three days’ notice prescribed in sections Connecticut Landlord Notice to Quit for Possession and Connecticut Landlord Filing of Eviction Complaint shall not be necessary; and complaint and summons may issue in the same manner as if such notice to quit had been previously given.

Conn. Gen. Stat. Title 47a Ch 832 Sec 47a-25.

See also Connecticut Landlord Filing of Eviction Complaint.

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