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Delaware Landlord Lease Disclosure Requirements

The Delaware Code Title 25 Chapter 51 Section 5105 requires a landlord to make the following disclosures when entering into a residential lease agreement with a tenant:

Required Landlord Disclosures

(a) On each written rental agreement, the landlord shall prominently disclose:

(1) The names and usual business addresses of all persons who are owners of the rental unit or the property of which the rental unit is a part, or the names and business addresses of their appointed resident agents; and/or

(2) The names and usual business addresses of any person who would be deemed a landlord of the unit pursuant to § 5141 of this title.

(b) Where there is a written rental agreement, the landlord shall provide a copy of such written rental agreement to the tenant, free of charge. In the case of an oral agreement, the landlord shall, on demand, furnish the tenant with a written statement containing the information required by subsection (a) of this section.

(c) Any owner or resident agent not dealing with the tenant as a landlord shall be responsible for compliance with this section by the landlord and may not take advantage of any failure to serve process upon such owner or resident agent in any proceeding arising under this Code where such failure is due to the owner or resident agent’s failure to comply with this section.

Del. Code § 5105.

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