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Delaware Landlord Obligation to Maintain Rental Property

The Delaware Code Title 25 Chapter 53 Section 5305 requires a landlord to maintain a residential rental property in the following manner:

Landlord Obligations Related to the Rental Unit

(a) The landlord shall, at all times during the tenancy:

(1) Comply with all applicable provisions of any state or local statute, code, regulation or ordinance governing the maintenance, construction, use or appearance of the rental unit and the property of which it is a part;

(2) Provide a rental unit which shall not endanger the health, welfare or safety of the tenants or occupants and which is fit for the purpose for which it is expressly rented;

(3) Keep in a clean and sanitary condition all common areas of the buildings, grounds, facilities and appurtenances thereto which are maintained by the landlord;

(4) Make all repairs and arrangements necessary to put and keep the rental unit and the appurtenances thereto in as good a condition as they were, or ought by law or agreement to have been, at the commencement of the tenancy; and

(5) Maintain all electrical, plumbing and other facilities supplied by the landlord in good working order.

(b) If the rental agreement so specifies, the landlord shall:

(1) Provide and maintain appropriate receptacles and conveniences for the removal of ashes, rubbish and garbage and arrange for the frequent removal of such waste; and

(2) Supply or cause to be supplied, water, hot water, heat and electricity to the rental unit.

(c) The landlord and tenant may agree by a conspicuous writing, separate from the rental agreement, that the tenant is to perform specified repairs, maintenance tasks, alterations or remodeling, but only if:

(1) The particular work to be performed by the tenant is for the primary benefit of the rental unit; and

(2) The work is not necessary to bring a noncomplying rental unit into compliance with a building or housing code, ordinance or the like; and

(3) Adequate consideration, apart from any provision of the rental agreement, or a reduction in the rent is exchanged for the tenant’s promise. In no event may the landlord treat any agreement under this subsection as a condition to any provision of rental agreements; and

(4) The agreement of the parties is entered into in good faith and is not for the purpose of evading an obligation of the landlord.

(d) Evidence of compliance with the applicable building and housing codes shall be prima facie evidence that the landlord has complied with this chapter or with any other chapter of Part III of this title.

Del. Code § 5305.

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