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Delaware Landlord Termination of Room for Rent in Residence

The Delaware Code Title 25 Chapter 55 Section 5512 allows for a landlord to immediately terminate a tenancy in his or her own home under the following conditions:

Landlord Primary Residence

Any provision of the Landlord-Tenant Code [Chapters 51 through 59 of this title] to the contrary notwithstanding, all rental agreements for the rental of single rooms in certain buildings may be terminated immediately upon notice to the tenant for a tenant’s material violation of a regulation which has been given to a tenant at the time of contract or lease, and the landlord shall be entitled to bring a proceeding for possession where:

(1) The building is the primary residence of the landlord; and

(2) No more than 3 rooms in the building are rented to tenants; and

(3) No more than 3 tenants occupy such building.

Del. Code § 5512.

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