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DC Landlord Prohibited Acts of Retaliation Against Tenant

The District of Columbia Municipal Regulations Chapter 14-3 Section 307, 307.1-307.3 prohibits a landlord from performing the following retaliatory acts against a tenant:

Prohibition of Retaliatory Acts Against Tenants

No action or proceeding to recover possession of a habitation may be brought against a tenant, nor shall an owner otherwise cause a tenant to quit a habitation involuntarily, in retaliation for any of the tenant’s actions listed in § 307.3.

No demand for an increase in rent from the tenant, nor decrease in the services to which the tenant has been entitled, nor increase in the obligations of a tenant shall be made in retaliation against a tenant for any of the tenant’s actions listed in § 307.3.

307.3 This section prohibits the taking of any of the actions set forth in this section in retaliation against the tenant for any of the following actions by a tenant:

(a) A good faith complaint or report concerning housing deficiencies made to the owner or a governmental authority, directly by the tenant or through a tenant organization;

(b) The good faith organization of a tenant organization or membership in a tenant organization;

(c) The good faith assertion of rights under this subtitle, including rights under §§ 301 and 302 of this chapter, or § 101 of chapter 1.

DCMR § 14–307, 307.1-307.3.

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