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DC Tenant Notice of Intent to Vacate at End of Lease

The District of Columbia Code Title 42 Chapter 35 Section 05.53 restricts the amount of time a landlord can require a tenant to provide advance notice of not renewing a lease agreement as stated in the following manner:

Notice of Tenant’s Intent to Vacate

Any provision that requires a tenant to provide more than a 30-day notice to the housing provider of the tenant’s intention to vacate the premises upon the expiration of an initial lease term shall be void and unenforceable, unless the lease explicitly states that the provision expires upon the expiration of the initial lease term, and that, unless the tenant agrees to sign a renewal lease of other than month-to-month, the tenant thereafter has the right to vacate the premises upon a 30-day notice for so long as the tenant remains a tenant from month-to-month.

DC Code § 42–3505.53.

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