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Wisconsin Eviction Laws

Termination and Eviction in Wisconsin

Wis. Stat. Ann. § 704.17 allows a 14 day unconditional quit notice for month-to-month tenants that fail to pay rent, violate the rental agreement, or cause substantial damage to the property.

An unconditional 14 day notice to quit may also be used for those tenants with a lease of less than one year, or year-to-year, for failing to pay rent on time, causing substantial property damage, or violating any lease provision more than once within one year (proper notice must have been issued for the first violation)

A 5 day unconditional notice to quit may be used for any tenant causing a nuisance on the property (a law enforcement agency must issue a written report regarding the nuisance).

All other violations must be served with a conditional 5 day notice to cure or quit.