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Georgia Tenant Eviction of Mobile Housing from Lot

The Georgia Code Title 44 Chapter 7 Article 3 Section 44-7-59 requires a tenant to take the following action regarding the removal of any mobile housing after an eviction proceeding for leasing land:

Removal of Transportable Housing

If the court issues a writ of possession to property upon which the tenant has placed a manufactured home, mobile home, trailer, or other type of transportable housing and the tenant does not move the same within ten days after a final order is entered, the landlord shall be entitled to have such transportable housing moved from the property at the expense of the tenant by a motor common carrier licensed by the Public Service Commission for the transportation of manufactured housing. There shall be a lien upon such transportable housing to the extent of moving fees and storage expenses in favor of the person performing such services. Such lien may be claimed and foreclosed in the same manner as special liens on personalty by mechanics under Code Sections 44-14-363 and 44-14-550, except that storage fees not to exceed $4.00 per day shall be expressly allowed.

O.C.G.A. 44-7-59

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