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Hawaii Landlord Required Written Disclosures

The Hawaii Residential Landlord-Tenant Code, Chapter 521 of the Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS) Section 43 requires a landlord to provide the following information to a tenant:

Landlord Required Information

Written Agreements

When a rental agreement is in writing the landlord shall furnish a copy of the lease or rental agreement to the tenant.

Receipts for Rent

The landlord shall issue receipts for all rents paid. Canceled checks may constitute such receipts, but the tenant may request a landlord’s written receipt in addition to the canceled checks.

Disclosure of Owner or Manager

The tenant shall be given, in writing, the name and address of the owner or the owner’s agent authorized to receive rent, notices, and demands. This information must be kept current at all times. If the required information is not given to the tenant, the person renting to the tenant becomes the responsible party for all obligations of the landlord under the Code.

  • In single-owner apartment buildings the required disclosures may be made by placing the notice in elevators and one other conspicuous place or, if there are no elevators, in two conspicuous places.
  • In apartment buildings with more than one owner, a notice shall be posted within the unit.

Absentee Landlord’s Agent

An absentee landlord shall designate an agent to act on the landlord’s behalf. The agent must reside on the same island as the rental unit.

Tenant’s Right to Demand Disclosure

If the name and address of the owner or the owner’s agent are not given to a tenant under an oral agreement, the
tenant may demand such information. Disclosure of the names and addresses of landlord or agent must then be supplied to the tenant in writing within ten days.

Tenant’s Remedy for Non-Disclosure

If the landlord fails to comply with any disclosure required by Section 43 within ten days after proper demand by a
tenant, the landlord shall be liable to the tenant for $100.00 plus attorney’s fee. (Section 67. See also TENANT REMEDIES: “Non-Disclosure.”)

General Excise Tax Number Disclosure

Landlords shall provide their general excise tax number to all tenants for the purpose of filing for a low-income tax

See also Hawaii Landlord Rental Property Obligations.

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