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Hawaii Security Deposit Questions and Answers

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Hawaii security deposits for landlords and tenants:

Q. Is the landlord required to pay interest on security deposits?
A. The landlord is not required to do so by law.

Q. May landlords impose a general excise tax charge on the security deposit?
A. No. The deposit is the tenant’s money held by the landlord.

Q. Are final inspections required?
A. Not by law, but they are considered a good way to prevent further disputes.

Q. After an inspection of the premises, are landlords required to give the tenants a second chance to correct those conditions found unsatisfactory?
A. Not by law. It is advisable for tenants to have everything in order prior to inspection. In practice, many landlords do give tenants a second chance, thereby saving the time it would otherwise take for the landlord to have the conditions corrected. If an inspection is made prior to an agreed upon termination date, it would be reasonable to allow the tenant an opportunity to make the required corrections prior to that date.

Q. What can the tenant do to insure full refund of the deposit?
A. To insure full refund a tenant should:

1. Repair all damages to the unit caused during the tenancy. Damages may include such things as holes put into walls for the hanging of pictures. Any holes should be puttied and repainted.
2. Clean the unit thoroughly.
3. Return all keys on the termination date.

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