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Hawaii Tenant Remedies for Unlawful Landlord Entry

The Hawaii Residential Landlord-Tenant Code, Chapter 521 of the Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS) Section 73 allows a tenant the following remedies should a landlord abuse their right to enter:

Landlord’s Entry Without Permission

Except for an entry in an emergency such as a fire, the landlord shall be liable to the tenant for any theft, casualty, or damage caused by the landlord’s entry or by anyone acting for the landlord when the tenant is absent and has not consented to a specific entry. The landlord is also liable for theft, casualty, or damage caused when the tenant is present but has not given consent for entry or in any case where damage is caused by the landlord’s negligence.

Section 73(b)(1)(2) & (3)

Unreasonable Entry

Upon repeated demands by the landlord for unreasonable entry, or any entry by the landlord or by another person with the landlord’s permission or license which is unreasonable and not consented to by the tenant, a tenant may:

  • Terminate the rental agreement;
  • Seek a court injunction against the landlord, and a fine of not more than $100.

Section 73(c)

See also Hawaii Landlord Notice of Entry Requirements.

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