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Wyoming Landlord-Tenant Laws

A summary of Wyoming Landlord Tenant Laws based on state law statutes as they apply to residential lease agreements executed between landlords and tenants.

Required Disclosures (by Landlords)

Nonrefundable Fees: If any portion of the security deposit is not refundable, the rental agreement must include this information and the tenant must be told before paying a deposit. (Wyoming Stat. § 1-21-1207)

Security Deposit Limit

Wyoming does not limit how much a landlord can charged for a deposit.

Deadline for Returning Security Deposit

If there are no deductions for damage or unpaid rent, then the deposit should be returned with 15 days of receiving the tenant’s forwarding address. If there are deductions, the landlord can take an additional 30 days to return the deposit.

Small Claims Lawsuits

Rental property disputes up to $6,000 can be brought before a small claims court in Wyoming.

Late Fees

The only way a late fee can be assessed is if both parties have agreed in writing (usually as part of the lease agreement).

Increasing Rent

Rent can only be increased if both parties agree (usually in writing).

Tenant’s Right to Withhold Rent

Wyoming Stat. § 1-21-1206 empowers the tenant to withhold rent under special circumstances regarding a landlord who neglects to repair or maintain the rental property.

Termination and Eviction

Wyoming Stat. §§ 1-21-1002, 1003 states that a 3 day unconditional quit notice may served on any tenant for nonpayment of rent, holding over, causing damage to premises, being a nuissance, denying access to the landlord, or violating duties defined by statute (such as maintaining unit, complying with lease, disposing of garbage, etc.)

Domestic Violence

Wyoming Stat. Ann. § 35-21-105 allows for the court to grant sole possession of the residence to the petitioner during the period of the order. Alternatively, the court may also order the defendant to provide suitable alternative housing.

Wyoming Lease Agreement

See Wyoming Residential Lease.

Wyoming Landlord-Tenant Law Statutes

Wyoming Stat. §§ 1-21-1201 to 1-21-1211; §§ 34-2-128 to 34-2-129.